Show me the numbers

An archive of infographics, data visualisations and sketches I’ve made over the past several years on various topics. I continue to use this fascination with mathematical beauty to tell stories from qualitative and quantitative data.




Xenophobic Flags. 2016.

If a flag of a nation was to statistically represent where it’s people are from, then they would look something like this. Inspired by the work of James Bridle – specifically, citizen-ex. A data-rant as a response to recent events and debates in mainstream media.



India’s Urban Mobility Identity. 2015.

Each city’s unique mobility identity is created based on factors such as mode share, population density, emission levels and trip length. e identities can be analyzed individually, compared with one another or taken as a whole to understand how India moves, and experience what India feels like from a mobility perspective.

Exhibited at the Urban Mobility India conference in New Delhi, India.


Stunting. India Health Report. 2013.

Editorial infographic spreads for the first edition of the India Health Report. I don’t think these ever saw the light of day, like the state dashboards that I can’t seem to find anymore. Lots of interesting data to dig into, nevertheless. All publicly available too from the National Family Health Survey database, here.



Literate, but can’t read. 2012.

While India’s literacy rate is steadily growing, and the country boasts of having one of the largest workforces in the world by 2020, the education system fails to equip students with fundamental skills at the elementary level – leaving a huge chunk incompetent to contribute to the fast growing economy.

Published in InPEC Magazine.




Infographics on Immunization. 2012.

Set of infographics done for the Public Health Foundation of India depicting the current status of immunization in India, and the challenges ahead. This set was used to make a case for creating the Immunization Technical Support Unit under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

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