Project Plus

Project Plus is a collaborative attempt to understand the relationship between citizens and local police in India. The aim was to suggest intervention possibilities to create a more transparent and citizen-friendly policing system.


PoliCiti Concept Video


This stop-motion video depicts a scenario of a citizen having to report the theft of a bag with the Indian Police. This video is the result of research conducted with residents of Paldi, Ahmedabad and the local police authorities. It outlines the many aspects of the policing system and the problems within it that affect the citizens of India.


IMG_1314 copy



A few images from the Gaikwad Haveli Police Station in Ahmedabad, India. Don’t ask us how we got access.


The concept, PoliCiti – aims to empower the citizen with relevant and timely information and help him/her navigate through the unsettling complaint-filing process. The application looks to solve problems through simple and effective approaches at two levels.

First, the citizen level – that includes the availability of GPS enabled jurisdiction maps, identification of a Cognizable/Non Cognizable Offence, suggestion of section of the Indian Penal Code applicable and the provision of a feedback mechanism to the Police. The entire process in turn reduces the redundant workload of the Policeman.

Second is the community level, which aggregates from an individual’s response to whole communities. Functioning of the Police in particular areas, citizen feedback, measures of corruption, and details of Police Stations are made available for people to help them in making better informed decisions about their lives. PoliCiti looks at the ultimate goal of building a safe and free community through a better policing system in India.

This project was done in collaboration with Shreya Chakravarty.

A proposal (which briefly documents the project) was prepared to present Project Plus to the Police. It can be viewed here.

This project was originally an answer to a brief put out by Microsoft Research Design Expo in 2013 – Making Data Userful: Improving Your Life, Community and World

If you fancy, you can treat yourself to a rather embarrassing version of Shreya and I presenting the project at the Design Expo here.

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