Grid is a mobile and web platform that connects people with those in close proximity, who can provide appropriate support in emergency situations.

GRID Concept Video from Akshan Ish on Vimeo.


People with disconnected families often feel helpless when an emergency occurs and they cannot support their family because of the distance. In such cases, the local social networks act as a proxy. People usually reach out to someone who lives close to their family, or their relatives in the same city to check up on their family members.

However, increasingly in big cities, people who live in the same building have very bleak connections with each other. In contrast, due to globalization, it is said that each person is connected to someone else with a maximum of 5 degrees of separation. Online social networks like Linked-In make use of this phenomenon to create opportunities for people by connecting them to those who can help.

GRID Landing Page


“Most social media is people you know, sure, but it’s not the people around you, living in your town. Being able to make that connection is a really powerful thing.” — Chuck Totten, user of Nextdoor

The rise of social networks means many people have hundreds or even thousands of digital connections to old friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. But increasingly that wealth of online companionship corresponds with a loss of close relationships to the real-life human beings in our neighborhoods.

GRID uses the power of social media to connect people to those around them, and their families. It can also be integrated with home automation & security systems, as well as automotives to notify people if there is an emergency. People can then search for a particular person close to where the emergency has happened, by their profession, expertise, or what they have volunteered for.

GRID makes use of the people you have in common feature to create a connection between seemingly unknown people to give them the ability to ask for help by lowering the barrier of approaching without context or anything in common.

Concept designed as part of the Master's thesis: A Design Inquiry into the Internet of Things / NID + IDEO

A derivative of this concept was created specifically in the context of voluntary blood donation with a few friends earlier this year. You can download it from the Play Store.

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